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Coast to Coast BBQ: American's Best Recipes 2008

Written and compiled by Anne Kinne, features many tried and true family barbecue and grilling recipes from contributors all over the United States. Coast to Coast BBQ: America's Best Recipes 2008 has everything from tips for making the perfect burger patty and suggestions for how to clean your grill to recipes for summer salads, ostrich burgers, and tuna steaks. Vegetarians will also [um, never mind this part] ...

Summary: It's a good recipe book that'll last for years of grillin'.

Author: Anne Kinne
Publisher: Ithaca Press

Sample Recipes:

Recipe 1: Green Chile Cheeseburgers

Recipe 2: Spicy Grilled Shrimp

Recipe 3: Beer Can Chicken

Recipe 4: Steak on a stick

Pocket Drink Cards

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